A company, be it small or a large enterprise has a lot of thought put into their marketing strategies. Not to forget, a separate spending budget for it too. It is important to categorise the marketing type needed for the services and products provided.

This is where Email marketing comes in. We all have our daily/weekly/monthly newsletters from several companies. It is a cost effective way of keeping your current customers updated and also, to get new customers. This is considered as one of the most cost effective method of marketing as per the Lyfe Marketing website.

Let’s understand the simple reasons as to why Email marketing is still a preferred choice for May Marketers:

1) A target for audiences

The best part of moving towards Email marketing is the idea of knowing your audience. The method gives a company the chance of knowing the interests of a consumer. This definitely leads to curating mails as per his/her taste. Your emails either ends up in the junk folder when it looks like copy – paste for the customer. If you want the mails to be read, personalizing it is the answer to it.

2) Unparalled return on investment

A business is built with the idea of making profit out of the money invested in it. There would be a separate budget for marketing needs. This is where email marketing steps in and is one foolproof method of ensuring success. According to the Pure 360 degree website, the returns from email marketing has made an increase from 30,03 Euros for every 1 euro spent in 2016 to 32,28 euros in 2017.  The cost effectiveness of this method has been proved my companies all around the world.

3) Sudden impact on business

Your marketing woes need not stagnate the recognition your product is looking for. Email marketing is sure to get instant results within minutes of a mail being sent. It works on how much thought is being put into curating a mail. If the company has decided to have a sale on short notice, nothing better than letting your customers know about it. The results that come out of it could surprise you!

4) Simplest method of sharing

Customers who are on your subscription list are sure to be following your updates. Be it daily, weekly, fortnightly or even monthly. The more interesting news you have to share for your loyal consumers, the easier for you to get prospective ones added to your subscription list. It is the easiest method for a subscriber to forward great deals to their friends who could be interested in them. You could keep some of your regular customers on loop and provide them with bonus points or gifts for bringing in more people!

5) Minimum cost into it

This is one of the cheapest method of marketing a product or service. When compared to several other tools that are put to use with social media marketing, this method needs none. Just a functioning mail account will get you good to go! Neither are there any printing or postal charges to be borne with, if you go for personal letters. All you will have to invest will be in specific softwares that let you send hundreds of mails at the same time. Not to forget in hiring the right people to curate these emails.

6) To recognize and expect better quality leads

No business should have to waste time on bad leads and financially, it could put you off. Email marketing puts you on the right spot when it comes to positive leads. The simple fact that the consumer has signed up for the list, next to understand if they open the mail and the last, if they click the links in the mail. The fact that you track their interests will make you understand the importance of email marketing.

7) Less intrusive and invasion of privacy

Unlike bombarding customers with telephone calls for marketing purposes, emails could work for a fact that it’s less intrusive. We understand how people hate to be picking up random marketing calls during the day. Email lists are what customers sign up for and peaks a little less into your privacy, doesn’t it?

8) Environmental friendly

This is simply for the fact that there are no paper materials being wasted. All that is needed is a computer system in place to send these mails and not be wasting too much paper or stationery materials.

The digital world is constantly changing and is extremely fast paced. It is important that a business is well versed with the digital methods of promoting themselves. Low costs and multiple possibilities are what you need right now. If you have hesitated with email marketing, now is the time to get started!