Are you worried about your website not able to generate enough revenue for your business?

The possible reason could be:

  1. You have many competitors who are selling the same at a much cheaper rate.
  2. You are doing nothing but still running behind keyword rankings and organic traffic.
  3. Your website is not having an attractive pricing page.
  4. Your website is not showcasing your unique selling point.

Hello Entrepreneurs, we are back with yet another exciting post and today we are going to discuss how to make your website a money making machine for your business. What are you missing out and what to adapt to acquire the market in 2019.

Selling at XYZ Cost:

Cost is the topmost factor that makes you worried when it comes to selling your products/services online. There is always someone who is ready to offer the same in a much cheaper rate when compared to the pricing structure listed on your website. Are you facing the same issue with your business? But remember even top brands like Mc Donalds face the same issue. Let’s have a look at this case-study to know how huge brands tackle this easily.

Mc Donalds is a brand next door for all of us. We all, somewhere in our life have once been a customer of Mc Donalds and have grabbed a burger with coke. But what was the first thing that dragged you towards Mc Donalds? Because if you just needed a burger then you have many other options available nearby your place. The local burgers are even cheaper than Mc Donalds but we still select the huge brand. Do you know why? It is because Mc Donalds have completely understood the need of its customer that it’s not the burger that is attracting the audiences towards it but it is the speed with which I serve burgers is actually attracting the customers.

McDonalds Price Comparison

Maybe at local places, you will have to wait much longer to get your burger, but Mc Donalds has streamlined their entire process in a way that its customers don’t have to wait more than 4-5 minutes to get the favorite burger. They can even make the order sitting inside their car and take it away from the store in just a few minutes. This is the core reason why customers prefer Mc Donalds over other local burger providers though they have a cheap pricing structure. This understanding of the market is what many business owners miss now a day.

Try to find a unique way in which you can serve your audiences in a better way that makes your brand preferable when compared to your customers though they are selling at a cheaper price than you.

Don’t you think including this unique selling point (USP) in the pricing structure of your website will do the magic for your business? At QuickBucks Media we aim to showcase your pricing structure in such a way that it automatically becomes more attractive and preferable.

Some examples of attractive pricing structures:

Example – 1: Delivery Time Comparison

Delivery Comparison

Example – 2: Review Comparison

Want to know the next step that you need to take to optimize the pricing page of your website and increase its ability to actually the sell your service or product? Feel free to send us an email at