What are the chances that the content will go viral? I am sure many of us have asked this to ourselves after posting an amazing piece of content on our website or blog. But do we actually make sure to follow all the crucial steps that it takes for a content to go viral? Aren’t we just waiting for that magic to happen of its own? Let’s study the science of making your content go viral and how create a huge buzz among your target audiences.

Hello folks, we are back again with yet another exciting post and this time we are going to discuss about how to make you content viral. We are going to perform keyword research in an entirely different way that will ensure your website/blog is ranking right at the top, solving the most recent problem of your target audience. Probably this is the most authentic way of finding keywords for your web pages, blog posts, and articles as the data that we are going to analyse is provided by Google itself.

The entire experiment is bifurcated into two stages:

Stage – 1: Gathering the keywords that has the potential to make viral contents.

Stage – 2: Identifying the trending keywords and merging it with potential keywords.

Let’s take the example of this article and perform a keyword research for this.

Stage 1 – Gathering the keywords that has the potential to make viral contents.

Step – 1:

Log-in to your search console account and gather the data of search queries for the particular article that is provided in the search console under “Search Traffic” section.

Step – 2:

Collect the queries for the particular article by applying the page filter.

Step – 3:

Extract the data of search queries for that article.

Here’s the list of top keywords provided by search console for that particular article plotted in a excel sheet:

The above list showcases the set of top keywords for which the article is generating fair amount of clicks and impressions. This means the article already has gained some amount of authority in the Google SERP. Let’s jump on to stage 2 and make use of this authority to make the article rank at higher positions.

Stage 2 – Identifying the trending keywords and merging it with potential keywords.

This is most crucial part of the research where Google trends is going to help you in moving further. Open Google trends and search the niche of your topic.

Google will then show you a list of relevant terms that are in trend and what people are mostly interested in reading within that particular niche.

The above shown is the list of the terms that is attracting maximum attention among your users. Now this is coming from the most trusted source i.e Google trends. Let’s go back to the data we exported from search console mark the specific keywords that are similar to the ones we got from Google trends.

The ones highlighted in Green are the closest terms that completely resonates with the list of keywords we extracted from Google trend. These keywords have got all the potential to make your content go viral among the audiences of your niche.

It is time to have an in-depth content gap analysis of that particular article to check if these keywords are properly placed within the title tag, H1 tag and content to have the maximum chances of ranking at higher positions. You can even consider writing an entirely new content based on the finalized set of keywords but I would recommend editing the same content as it already has gained fair amount of authority in Google SERP.

It was really simple…!

Exactly, this is the same feeling I had after performing this super simple experiment. Now it is your time to try it out with your niche and create some high potential viral contents. Share your thoughts in the comments and let me know if you get stuck in the middle, I am always ready to help.

Share this experiment with other and let’s have some contents booming in the Google SERP. Stay connect with us to read and experience more experiments.