We browse through multiple websites or mobile applications on a daily basis. There are times when we don’t find the right answer to our queries; we directly go for the FAQ section. Now, what is FAQ? It’s the simple acronym for ‘Frequently Answered Question’.

An FAQ section on a website is like a collection of questions and answers which are looked out for, often. This section is searched for by people who visit your website and it is vital that it looks professional. Website owners make sure that professional copy writers do the work of forming the questions and answers. If you believe that the FAQ section don’t hold much of an importance, some of the points mentioned below could change your mind.

Benefits of an FAQ section

A screenshot of the FAQ section of a shopping website. Credit: shopify.com

Why is an FAQ section an integral part of your website?

A well-formed FAQ section is an important part of your website. There are no shortcuts to designing a user friendly website and great content. The FAQ section plays a vital role and brings in a lot of web traffic and potential customers as well.

The FAQ section will be the go-to area for people who want to understand what you do and why you do it. You know the person clicking the section is definitely interested in your services and products. The task is to make sure the FAQ section does all the magic. Depend on solid marketing tools for forming these questions and answers. It is never a great idea to undermine the importance or overlook it.

The Strategy Beam website states that almost everyone hits up the section right after they go through the home page or services page. These are mostly people who are new to your website and the products. It is an added plus if the questions and answers look simple enough for the customers to understand. We would not advise you to go for jargons and complex terms in order to heighten the importance of your website. People are new to your website and the idea of your business. What would be needed is simplicity of words to guide them through. It is your way of telling them that you are customer friendly and not just product oriented.

Benefits of having an FAQ section:

1. Make the point of being an expert in the business

People come to the section because they need some help and understanding about the website. They trust you with the idea of an expert guiding them. The section provides the ground for you to be an expert and to give them the right answers needed. It is the first step of converting visitors to actual customers for your products.

2. It is the platform to address reader’s needs

If you are counting on increasing the readability and conversions of your website, forming a good FAQ section could be the answer to it. This section helps readers clear their queries and gain confidence with the brand put forward to them. Do not beat around the bush and be straight forward with the answers. This is your chance to get ahead of your competitor and bring in more conversions.

3. Uplift your Search Engine Optimisation

To be frank, Google is a fan of FAQ sections. It gives a clear cut idea to the search engine about your accountability as a website for reference. It provides basic content and boosts your Search Engine Optimisation. This is your platform to publish all the right information about the history, relevance and products of your business. You need not worry about long-ended keywords as this is the best stage to add them. Google picks it up and puts forward to customers looking for them.

4. Enhance your sales

As we have emphasizes before, the FAQ section is helpful in conversion. The percentage of casual visitors turning into consumers shoots up with the help of a well-worded FAQ section. The trick is not overload readers with information, but to make the right impact with a normal count of words. We will also gently remind you to add hyperlinks to other pages of your website in the section. It should preferably lead them to the product section and not look forced on your part.

The FAQ section is overlooked by business websites without understanding its relevance. It is important to update them frequently as per the questions raised by your readers. No one likes an ancient looking webpage with nothing much to offer. If you strategize it well, the FAQ section could be your answer to SEO and conversion queries.