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Ways In Which Instagram Could Be Used To Promote Small Scale Business

We live in a social media world where our lives are constantly connected to the digital world. From looking up for instant help to buying things, we all like the idea of social media being involved in it. You have just begun a small-level enterprise or business and need to get the right attention for it. Are you not sure of making use of social media for it? Fret, not! Instagram is just the right place for you to begin.

As per social media marketer Neil Patel’s blog, Instagram has crossed 700 million users. This is way ahead of Twitter numbers. Brands are ushering in to the find a connect with their existing and potential customers. An Inconosquare study states that 70% of the users look up at Instagram as a brand platform.

While huge brands seem to capitalize a lot on the power of this social media tool, small enterprises aren’t shying away either. The content needs to grab the eye of potential customers. We will guide you through some tips to promote your business.

1) Do the conversion of business profile

You might have begun the account in your own name and it’s time to give it a business makeover. Convert it to a business profile with Instagram as it lets you avail special customisations. The main addition to the profile once its converted would be adding contact information. People can easily contact you with the mail ID or phone number provided. Instagram has made it easier for you to add links to your stories once the magical numbers of 10,000 followers are crossed. This feature was only for verified accounts earlier on. Go ahead and get your stories started!

2) Put enough thought on your Insta bio

This is the first thing a customer would see once they hit your profile. We don’t want mundane or repetitive bios, do we? It’s all about consuming quick content on Insta and think of a new way to introduce the product and company to people.

Adding additional information like giveaways and referral codes are an added bonus to get an increase in followers.

3) Active replies with Direct Messaging

When you are getting the right amount of attention with a new product, queries will flood your inbox. Be quick with your replies as people these days seem to be a lot on instant replies. Work out a text or reply template for every customer and sounding casual is the key. Remember that you have just begun and need to be approachable.

4) Innovative Hashtags to increase visibility

Do serious research about similar kind of products being marketed in the app. Go through multiple pages or potential buyers and create hashtags that would bring in user engagement. There is no harm in using popular hashtags that are doing the rounds and add one or two that is helpful for the products sold. Do not forget to put up Instagram stories and posts on festive occasions with the hashtags for it!

5) Tell the world your story

Instagram stories could pose as an ultimate partner for letting your customers know how it all began. What made you create the page? How the idea came up? What keeps your products apart from your competitors? These are some of the questions that you could answer. We remind you to add fun pictures in these stories, as well!

6) Promote customers who used your products

This is one way of making sure your customers are hooked to your page for further updates. It is also a way of genuinely thanking them for trusting your product. Share their opinions with stories or uploads. A gentle reminder to ask their permission before doing so!

7) Spend time on captions

This is an important step to grab your customer’s attention. There are times when the pictures are breath-taking and captions fail to match up to it. Get help or hire social media experts to come up with some amazing captions!

8) Be generous with giveaways

We live in a time when Instagram giveaways are a rage and users love going for it. You have launched a new type of dress for the summer season and create a contest for it. This way a lot of people will know it has been launched. It is one of the most effective methods to increase followers and of course, more buyers.

These are just some of the marketing strategies that can be implemented for Instagram.  A lot of patience is needed as user engagement may not increase in a magical minute. Follow these strategies and add some more to become the master of Instagram marketing! We wish you all the luck with it.