Most of you are familiar with the fable ‘Slow and Steady wins the Race’. This could ring a bell when it comes to e-commerce marketing. In the age of social media and fast internet, it is no easy task to grab the attention of consumers. The main key lies in being completely updated with all the nuances of online marketing.

The Sleek Note website states that the average cart abandonment is 69%. The stats is a simple sign of how well aware consumers are of the options available to them. Persistence and innovation is what a budding e-commerce website would need to grab attention. Bombarding your potential customers with your new marketing ideas will overwhelm them. The outcome need not be positive.

We lay down 7 tips to smartly market your e-commerce website in 2019:


1. Being original is the key

It is the year 2019 and let us avoid plagiarized content. The plague of marketing would be copying off other content ideas. Customers are quick enough to call out such bad ideas. The first step would be to hire the right set of marketing professionals and social media experts to get things started. There is no compromise when it comes to good marketing and original content stands out. Original content stands out and will definitely capture the attention of your customers.

2. Shape the layout of your website

If you are new to e-commerce business, then one quick tip would be to keep the layout of the website as simple as possible. Your viewers shouldn’t need the pinch of being clueless around the layout. An easy layout just makes customers inclined towards purchasing the products. Overloading your pages with excessive colour would also be a deterrent to viewers. The initial days of launching the website has to be closely tracked for customer reactions and can be altered accordingly.

3. Creation of a Blog

A lot of marketers aren’t very keen on the idea on blogs. Well, we are here to assure you that blogs are still a happening idea for marketing. It is cost efficient and attracts people to read and understand what your products are about. If you have just launched a service or product, a blog could do the trick of getting people to be anxious of what it is about. Constantly updating the blog section is another point to be noted. Customers get an understanding of how invested you are in updation.

4. Collaborate with popular bloggers for reviews

If you are worried that marketing plans are hitting a snag, get in touch with popular bloggers. Social media has paved way for different types of bloggers. They could be associated with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and more. It’s either reviewing them on their own platforms or getting them to review on your website. Either way, it gets some validation your products could do with.

5. Some free samples couldn’t hurt

A lot of businesses tend to avoid this method when it comes to marketing. Well, times have been changing and so do marketing strategies. This is the best example if you believe in the quality of your products and in word-of-mouth publicity. Giveaway contests in Instagram could be the best platform for these free samples.

6. Creation of SEO Strategy

We are well aware of the existence of E-commerce Giants like Amazon, E-bay, Alibaba and so on. It’s a tough world of e-commerce to compete with but, not impossible. The right SEO strategy is to put you in the Google search map and attract potential customers. Adding frequently searched keywords to your website or blogs could drive online traffic. Pay for an online tool and understand the need of right keywords at the right places. The difference of before and after can be easily tracked through Google Analytics.

7. E-mail promotions

E-mail marketing is an indispensable part of e-commerce marketing these days. It simply targets your buyers as per the keywords they use for searching in your website. If they constantly look for ‘books’ in your website, reminding them of offers will be a good idea. First-time buyers can be provided with a discount as well. Customers tend to sign up for daily updates or offer mails and this will drive the conversion rates for your website.

E-commerce websites differ from the products to services they provide. The strategies will also have to differ accordingly. Trial and error method is the way of establishing your online presence amongst e-commerce websites. The key is always ‘Slow and Steady’ and we are sure with time e-commerce marketing ideas pay off.